3D target repair material product information

The material comes in plastic containers. Please note that the type of container may vary from the pictures in this site, the pictures are for reference only.

In order to get the most out of the material it is important that you undrstand the major paramaters.

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Mixing speed and  time

The material is a two component mix and as such you will get the most out of the material if you stick to the instructions. No special skills are needed but an understanding of how power tools work will make your day easier and safer.

Apart from the material you will receive from us; you will need some kind of mixing vessel, a high power drill, thicker plastic sheets, a stapler and a knife. To get the scoring rings in place you can choose to “cut them in” or “burn them in”. Wear a good quality breathing mask either way and if you decide to burn the rings in place make sure you have very good ventilation.

Please be sure to take any necessary precaution when operating power tolls or any other tool for that matter.

The material can stain clothes so make sure you use work clothes when mixing and handling the material.

Follow our Instructions, take your time and you will get a target that will be at least as good as new.