3D Target Repair

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We have optimised packaging and can now offer the same repair material in the new standard kit. . You will get enough material to repair 2 to 10 targets depending on the size of the repaired area.CIMG2283


Please see our 3D target repair pages for more detailed instructions, pictures and how to order.

Instructions are available in a number of languages so visit the instructions page and get familiar with the product. If you have any questions whatsoever send us a mail or call us and we will help you.

If you have 3D targets that you do not want anymore, are shot to oblivion or you have only one half of do not throw them away. You may want to trade/sell the targets with us, make some money and save the environment by keeping plastic in circulation and not in our forests. In that case follow the following steps:

1. Take good quality pictures of each of the targets.

2. Send us an e-mail attaching the pictures and include where the targets are located, what make the targets are,  what condition they are in and we will contact you asap to discuss the rest.

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E-mail: orders@lprchery.com

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